What people are saying!

"Tyson has been training with HYAS (Coach Nick) since he was 6.  The development and growth speaks for itself!  Nick's attention to detail and individualized approach with one-on-one sessions keeps us coming back!  Nick is and will continue to be an influential part of Tyson's football journey."

Josh Baier

QB Ty's Parent

"Everyone has dreams but some only see them when they sleep.  That is because some have sight while others have vision.  At HYAS Coach Nick doesn't only train athletes physically, he also trains them mentally.  He creates an environment where an athlete is forced to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.  HYAS is the best place in Broward county for young athletes to be mentored, coached and pushed to their limits.  In my opinion Coach Nick and his staff are the best for getting young athletes of any sport college ready.  HYAS is more than a gym, it's a family."

Alfonzo Dixon IV

Fordham University Football Player


"HYAS has helped develop many athletes within our program for years and we are proud to have them volunteering their time."



Tavaris Bragdon

VP Tamarac Cougars Youth Football


"The HYAS/Reign team was instrumental in helping me with my weightlifting, speed training and in providing me exposure.  They believed in me when I had no offers and through their connections I went from an unnoticed player to receiving three D1 scholarship offers"






Delvontae Bouie

Sr. Football Player, Coral Springs High School


"When I brought my son to HYAS Performance he was working off pure athleticism.  Coach Nick evaluated him and came up with a plan.  First he broke him from the bad habits kids develop when  trying to play quarterback without the knowledge of what it takes to be a quarterback.  From warmups to one on one sessions (all geared and tailored to get my sons mechanics down) my son went from an average youth quarterback to exceeding his coaches and my expectations"

Pedro Martinez

QB Pedro's Dad


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