HYAS more than just training....

Beyond our service offerings, our team truly cares about each of our athletes, parents, coaches and community. 


We personally tailor all efforts to our athletes' needs.  Whether they require sport specific training, combine (testing or prep for recruitment) or need exposure, we ensure their needs are met.  

Our Team

With over 150 years of combines experience our coaches specialize in all aspects for training.  We incorporate speed & agility, explosiveness and weight training as part of our core offerings.  The team also provides position specific training as well as running competitive travel and rec teams.  

We have established relationships from the youth,high school and collegiate level and work at all levels to ensure your athlete is in the best position for success.


Speed & Agility

Speed & Agility improves an athlete’s performance in all sports.  Our training sessions focus on improving the athlete’s fluidity in sudden movement while maintaining top speed moving forward.  The workouts focus on foot speed, acceleration, deceleration, quickness and change of direction. 

Explosiveness & Weights

Explosiveness training improves power and performance.  Our focus on developing explosiveness goes beyond standard weight training.  Our athletes go through plyometric workouts that consist of utilizing their own body weight while exerting maximum force in short intervals of time.

Specific Sports

Our trainers provide individual and group trainings for Football, Volleyball and Basketball.  These are sport specific sessions focused on position drills and knowledge lessons.

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HYAS will work local teams to provide any of the above training.  To learn more, Contact Us.



HYAS created Reign in order to further develop and provide exposure to athletes.  Reign is our team sport brand.  Reign teams are either travel or recreational.  HYAS currently has teams for Volleyball and Football,   To learn more about Reign click here.


Our combines are structured to develop, rank and expose athletes from ages 6 to Seniors in High School.  Our combines are ran in conjunction with partnerships that share the same vision as HYAS and add value to the overall experience.    

We're ready for you... Are you ready for us?

Share with us what you are looking to accomplish, or if you simply have a question, or want to let us know how we are doing, you’ll find a few ways to contact us right here.