About HYAS

Our Story

When HYAS was founded, we had one goal... “Helping Youth Athletes Succeed.” Our goal is to; maximize an athlete’s physical ability while providing the knowledge that is required to enhance their performance, provide them with the tools to master their craft, provide them with the knowledge required to be a student of their sport and place them in positions to achieve the highest level of success possible.  Whether an athlete’s current level of play is recreational, travel, high school or has already made it to college, we are here to assist in their journey.  Our focus it to drive their continuous improvement by coaching and mentoring with a focus on helping them achieve their next goal!


HYAS believes that commitment, desire, positivity and candor are the foundation for an athlete’s success.  Our company and culture is founded on our adherence to our values: Communication, Safety, Teamwork and Integrity.  HYAS places an emphasis on relationships, teamwork, our communities, continuous evolution, and athletes first.  We accomplish this by being transparent, building trust and always doing the right thing.  At HYAS our goal is to serve the best interest of our athletes, not our own, communicate and deliver results that exemplify what is truly possible. 


Our passion for athletes and sport is second to none.  We are constantly focused on providing new approaches that develop an athlete’s needs.  Our dedication to each athlete, parent, coach and team is the core of our philosophy.  We believe every athlete has it in them to improve at all aspects of their sport, that they come first, in building rewarding relationships and embedding ourselves in our community.  We’ve combined our deep expertise with a renowned level of integrity and transparency – Serving as the foundation for all we do.



There are three things that every athlete possesses; ability, knowledge and desire.  At HYAS we are focused on maximizing an athlete’s physical ability while increasing their knowledge and encouraging their desire.   We deliver training sessions that are tailored to specific needs while encouraging and keeping athletes excited.   We are constantly staying up to date with new training techniques, ensuring safety and getting the most out of each session.  Our facility is equipped to maximize multiple types of workouts for all ages and athletic ability.  Come take advantage of our Comprehensive approach to sports training! 

We're ready for you... Are you ready for us?

Share with us what you are looking to accomplish, or if you simply have a question, or want to let us know how we are doing, you’ll find a few ways to contact us right here.